Time to prove the coasts don't have a monopoly on queerness anymore.


Group Text About Free Food At Work

Coworker Responsible: Blah di Blah restaurant is giving us free food today, message me back if you're gonna show up so I can give them a head count.

Coworker Extracurriculars: I'll be up in all that free food, like thugs are up in the hood.

Coworker Moustache: Girl got them munchies again!

Me: Free food? Hell yeah I'll show up.

Coworker Wonderful: But. I thought we were all starting our diets today.

Coworker Responsible: Seriously guys, I just need a head count, stop dicking around.

Coworker who is maybe not a coworker: Who the fuck are you people?!


These tentacular Octopus and Giant Squid tables are the work of San Francisco-based bronze sculptor Kirk McGuire. The beautiful bronze cephalopods are so lifelike, we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt phantom tentacles tickling your ankles while sitting at either of these tables.

Visit Kirk McGuire’s website to check out his standalone bronze sculptures and more of his awesome undersea animal tables.

[via Neatorama]

Conversation overheard at Starbucks just now.

Customer (to barista): Uhm, excuse me? We didn't order this. It has coffee in it.

Barista: Well what did you order?

Customer: White mochas.

Barista: That has coffee in it.

Customer: Oh! Well . . .

Barista: This is Starbucks.